Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.

Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.

In a highly unusual move, Google is discontinuing one of its online services—this time, the Google One VPN. The company, often referred to as the Chocolate Factory, informed Google One subscribers and Pixel smartphone owners via email about the decision. The announcement outlined various changes to Google One set to take effect by May 15, including the discontinuation of the VPN “later this year.” The VPN service was initially launched in October 2020.

While the wider public will lose access to the VPN, owners of Pixel 7 and newer phones will still be able to utilize the Pixel-exclusive VPN, which Google has committed to keeping free for at least five years. Google One, the company’s subscription service, primarily provides additional cloud storage for files, Gmail, and photos.

Google cited low demand as the apparent reason behind the discontinuation of Google One VPN service.

According to a statement provided to The Register, Google stated, “We’re refocusing our efforts to support more in-demand features with Google One. To keep our subscription service fresh, we’re discontinuing the VPN feature, as we found people simply weren’t using it.”

Initially, the VPN feature was exclusive to the $10-a-month Premium plan but was later added to the cheaper $2 monthly Basic plan in an attempt to attract more users. As of now, there is no indication on the Google One website that its VPN will be discontinued. The feature is still listed under the benefits section and is claimed to be available with all Google One plans.

Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.
Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.

Google expressed its desire to make VPN technology accessible to more users in its whitepaper on the VPN service. However, it remains unclear whether Google has made any efforts to remove mentions of the VPN in Google One, which has received limited attention compared to other features such as cloud storage and photo editing.

Google has announced the discontinuation of its VPN service for all users of Google One, except for loyal Pixel smartphone owners. This move, set to take effect by May 15th, comes as part of a broader restructuring effort within the tech giant’s subscription services.

The decision was communicated to subscribers through an email notification, outlining forthcoming changes to the Google One platform. Among these changes, the discontinuation of the VPN feature was highlighted as a significant adjustment. Introduced in October 2020, the VPN service was intended to bolster privacy and security for Google One users accessing the internet.

However, while the wider user base will lose access to this service, Pixel 7 and newer device owners will retain the privilege of utilizing the VPN. This exclusive offering, previously promised to remain accessible for at least five years, aligns with Google’s strategy to incentivize loyalty among Pixel users.

Google One, known primarily for its cloud storage benefits catering to files, Gmail, and photos, has decided to reallocate resources away from the VPN feature due to perceived low demand. A statement issued to The Register by Google indicated a strategic pivot towards enhancing other more sought-after functionalities within the Google One ecosystem.

Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.
Google One VPN Discontinued for All Users Except Pixel Fans Temporarily.

This decision comes amidst ongoing efforts by Google to streamline its product offerings and focus on initiatives with greater user engagement. While the VPN feature was initially confined to the premium tier of Google One subscriptions, it was later extended to the basic tier in a bid to broaden its appeal. However, despite these efforts, user adoption remained below expectations, leading to its eventual discontinuation.

Despite the forthcoming removal of the VPN feature, there is no immediate indication on the Google One website of its impending demise. The feature still appears under the benefits section, suggesting a potential lag in updating platform information to reflect the change.

Google, in its commitment to making VPN technology accessible to a wider audience, had previously emphasized the importance of privacy and security in online activities. However, the discontinuation of the Google One VPN underscores the challenges in aligning such offerings with user preferences and market demand.

As Google continues to evolve its suite of services, the decision to discontinue the VPN feature adds to a list of products and services that have been phased out over time. This move marks a temporary setback for Google One users, highlighting the dynamic nature of the tech industry and the need for companies to adapt to changing market dynamics.

The discontinuation of Google’s VPN adds to the list of products and services that Google has ended over the years, as documented by Killed by Google. This decision breaks a 197-day streak of not canceling products and services, making the VPN by Google the first casualty announced by Google this year.

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